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There is strength in unity – which is why as “One Union,” the IUPAT improves the lives of North America’s finishing-trades professionals and their families.
In representing our membership, the IUPAT provides a means for our members to acquire top skills through state of the art training, receive better pay and benefits, fair treatment and safe working conditions.  We are one of the most active unions in the labor movement and proud to be the IUPAT!

Ecomonic Information Links

Information from these sites may be useful in preparing for bargaining, or to better understand the way the economy impacts your family every day. The union cannot vouch for the accuracy of all information on web pages maintained by others. As always, it's best to check several sources.

Security and Exchange Commission is a good place to begin researching corporations.

The Economic Policy Institute provides detailed analysis of many issues impacting working Americans: family income, retirement, NAFTA, the minimum wage to name just a few. Want to know what the MAI is, and what impact it will make on your life? Check it out here.

The Bureau or Labor Statistics is a good resource for--you guessed it--statistical information about work, working, and workers. Materials are useful in preparing an organizing campaign, going into contract talks, or just to impress your friends.

The National Bureau of Economic Research publishes and distributes, for a fee, working papers on economic issues. Enough mumbo-jumbo here to choke a horse, but they just might have exactly the piece relevant to your particular puzzle.

CorpWatch provides information about trans-national corporations, and how to research them. This page has an environmentalist bent; it links to organizations that show corporate welfare at its' tax-consuming worst. Also provides access to good tools to research big corporations.

Corporate Executives pay is tied to stock performance. Sometimes they influence value of stock in their companies at the expense of working Americans. Paywatch tells how they accomplish this--and what you can do about it!

Citizens for Tax Justice is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research and advocacy organization dedicated to fair taxation at the federal, state and local levels

Surviving the Bottom Line is the Public Broadcasting System's 4 hour analysis of what the new economy means to average Americans.

The Century Foundation is a research foundation that undertakes timely and critical analyses of major economic, political, and social institutions and issues.

We assume no responsibility and accept no liability for the content of others' pages.

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