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Planning Retirement

The trustees of the IUPAT Industry Pension Fund know that planning for retirement is important, whatever your age.
Whether you're looking forward to a well-deserved rest in the next few years or are planning for 25 years down the road, the IUPAT Industry Pension Fund is designed to meet the needs of all IUPAT members.

This website will keep you current on what you need to know about your pension fund. We've recently updated it to be more comprehensive and helpful to our members. We will be updating this information frequently, so please check back often for the most up-to-date information.


Recent News about the Pension Fund
View the latest Journal article on the Pension Fund. View/Download PDF.

What's New - Know Your Rights

Learn more about changes made to the Plan, particularly new rules that went into effect January 1, 2003. In this section, we explain what has changed, and how it might affect your coverage.


From Board of Trustees meetings to amendments made to the pension fund to trustee news, we keep you current on IUPAT's Pension Fund. Check back here often to find out the latest news.

IUPAT Industry Pension Fund Tips

Each month, we highlight a tip to help you get the most out of your pension fund. This month, we tell you how you can continue to get your pension check deposited into your account even if you're on vacation.

About The IUPAT Pension Fund

IUPAT's Pension Fund guarantees that you will have monthly retirement benefits after a lifetime of hard work. Your Trustees watch over and administer this Plan to ensure that you are afforded the top benefits. Come to this section to learn more about the people behind the Pension Fund—meet the Trustees and Fund Administrator; download issues of the Pensions & Retirement section of the IUPAT Journal; and find out how you can contact us.

Pension Reports and Forms Available as PDFs

Agreement And Declaration Of Trust 2011 Form 5500 Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan Suspension of Benefits Rule - 2014 Annual Funding Notice (Pension Plan U.S.) April 2012 Employer and Union Annual Report 2009 Funding Improvement Plan (Pension Plan U.S.) April 30, 2009
Funding Improvement Plan (Pension Plan U.S.) Q&A April 30, 2009 PAT Authorization Form Notice Of Endangered Status Notice Of Funding Relief Direct Deposit Form 240H Notice
Direct Deposit Form

Pension Applications and Booklets Available as PDFs


Pension Applications

United States Pension Application Canadian Pension Application



Canadian Beneficiary Form United States Beneficiary Form
Canadian Beneficiary Form Address Change Form
Canadian Address Change Form W4-P 2015
Release of Information United States Release of Information Canada


Pension Booklets

Pension Plan Booklet-English Annuity Plan Booklet
Plan De Pension Plan De Anualidad
Pension Plan--Canada