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    More than 7,000 employers in the United States and Canada participate in the IUPAT Industry Pension Fund. With assets in excess of $2.4 billion, the Pension Fund is professionally managed by a joint board of trustees--made up of equal representation of contributing employers and labor representatives. The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) insures the benefits. The Fund is inviting to both large and small employers as a way to provide meaningful retirement benefits.

    Meet the Trustees
    Only the Trustees or someone specifically authorized by the Trustees can speak for this Plan, or tell you about your rights and benefits. For example, you should not rely on information given to you by a Local Union or District Council official, or a Business Representative or an Employer in regards to the pension fund. Be sure to Contact Us with any questions about your Pension Plan!

    The Trustees work hard to ensure that your Pension Plan will take care of you and your family when you retire. Here is your opportunity to find out more about the individuals who are hard at work for you!

    Kenneth RigmaidenKenneth Rigmaiden, General President, IUPAT
    Kenneth E. Rigmaiden began his career with the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) upon graduating from California State University in San Jose in 1977.  He immediately enrolled in the floor covering apprenticeship training program of Local Union 1288, and received certificates of completion from the IUPAT's International Joint Apprenticeship Training Fund and the State of California Division of Apprenticeship Standards in 1980.

    Mr. Rigmaiden remained in San Jose as a floor covering installer, and in the following six years served as an executive board member, a trustee, the vice president and eventually president of Local Union 1288.  He also served as an instructor for floor covering installation in Local 1288's apprenticeship training program.

    In 1986, Mr. Rigmaiden was elected as Local 1288's business representative and focused his career on labor relations.  His noted accomplishments during his seven-year tenure include administrating a residential collective bargaining agreement which served to recapture market share and the amalgamation of several local unions in his region to form Local Union 12.

    He was elected business manager for the new Local Union 12 in 1993, and participated in the first region-wide collective bargaining agreement for Northern California.  Moreover, he was involved in the merger of several union health and welfare, training and vacation/holiday trust funds and the streamlining of member services for plan participants.

    Mr. Rigmaiden was selected to serve as a general representative in 1996.  His duties in this post included labor management relations, contract administration, grievance and arbitration, organizing, education and training in 18 western states. 

    In 1997, he continued his education by earning a degree in labor studies from the George Meany Center/Antioch University.  Shortly thereafter, he was selected to serve as an assistant to the general president with specific duties in national agreements and jurisdiction maintenance.  During that time, he served on the National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee (NMAPC), the General President’s Project Maintenance Agreement Committee and the General President’s Project Review Committee. 

    Mr. Rigmaiden also served as the national project coordinator for the IUPAT Job Corps Program.  This position required the oversight of a training program comprised of nearly 60 instructors throughout the United States and administering U.S. Department of Labor contracts of approximately $6 million annually.  Mr. Rigmaiden also served as a Director to the United Way.

    Mr. Rigmaiden was elevated to the position of executive general vice president for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades in 2002.  As the executive general vice president, he was the general administrator of the International's affairs, assigned tasks to the IUPAT board members and staff and coordinated national union meetings, conferences and the general president's schedule.

    Mr. Rigmaiden was elevated to the position of executive general vice president for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades in 2002.  As the executive general vice president, he was the general administrator of the International's affairs and assigned tasks to the IUPAT board members and staff.  Furthermore, he coordinated national union meetings, conferences and the general president's schedule. Mr. Rigmaiden co-chairs the Finishing Trades Institute, the Painters and Allied Trades Labor Management Cooperation Initiative and the IUPAT Industry Pension Fund.  He serves as a trustee on the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust, and a member of the Board of Directors of several AFL-CIO constituency and allied groups.

    He was unanimously elected to the office of general president by the IUPAT General Executive Board in March 2013.

    He and his wife Kenya have been married for over thirty years and have two adult children.

    Art Aivaliotis, Avalotis Corporation
    Aristotle George Aivaliotis began working for the family owned business, Avalotis Painting Company, in 1976 in Pittsburgh.  He started his apprenticeship in IUPAT Local Union 530 in Beaver, Pennsylvania in 1977 and continued his training in East Chicago until he returned to Pittsburgh and Avalotis Painting in 1979.

    He worked as an industrial painter until being promoted to project management in 1986 on the Beaver Valley nuclear plant project.  Upon the completion of the new construction phase of that project, he returned to the company’s corporate offices as vice president of operations and administration.

    In 1992, the company’s founder and Aivaliotis’ father, George, retired as president.   Aristotle and his brother Chris assumed the day to day operations of Avalotis Painting Company as president and vice president, respectively.  They continue to serve in these positions today.

    Aivaliotis is married with three children.

    Joseph A. BresciaJoseph A. Brescia, Corporate President, Architectural Glass & Aluminum Co., Inc. 
    Joseph A. Brescia, is the corporate president and chairman to the Board of Directors at Architectural Glass & Aluminum Co., Inc. (AGA). Brescia became corporate president in 1983 after control was purchased, and implemented a program of staff improvement and sales expansion from a base of $1.5 million to the current level of $60 million annually. AGA has been affiliated with the Glaziers since its inception in 1970. 

    Brescia is a licensed B-General Contractor, C-17 Glazing Contractor and C-61 Specialty Contractor in California and is also a licensed glazing contractor in Nevada, Alaska, Texas, Washington and Hawaii. 

    He is active on numerous boards all over California. In 1998, Brescia started as a trustee in Northern California and, in 2003, he became involved in the Southern California Pension Fund, serving as one of the steering committee co-chairs in bringing the fund to resolution with the employers, PBGC and IRS. In the last several years, he helped form the negotiating committee for Northern California Glass Management Association (NCGMA).

    In 1972, Brescia received his B.S. in business and in 1973 received his M.B.A in marketing finance from Bowling Green State University.

    William D. CandeloriWilliam D. Candelori, JR. - Executive General Vice President, IUPAT
    William Candelori, Jr. has been an International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) elected leader since 1982, beginning as a warden to Painters Local Union 1107 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and as a delegate to District Council 21, Philadelphia, PA.

    In 1984 he was elected Business Representative to the District Council and in 1990 he was elected Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer. Later, his expanded role included serving as Vice President of the Philadelphia AFL-CIO and as Vice President to the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council, Executive Board member of the Pennsylvania Building Trade Council, along with being appointed to the Philadelphia Historical Commission. In 1996, the IUPAT members elected him to serve as Secretary-Treasurer of the IUPAT Eastern Regional Conference.

    Just two years later, he became General Vice President of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, serving the Eastern Region, and President of the Eastern Regional Conference. In addition to his role as trustee to the Finishing Trades Institute (FTI), Apprenticeship Training and Education Program, and the Labor Management Cooperation Initiative (LMCI); Mr. Candelori also serves as a trustee to the Painters and Allied Trades Industry Pension Fund.

    He was elected to executive general vice president in March 2013 by the IUPAT General Executive Board.

    George GalisGeorge Galis - General Secretary-Treasurer, IUPAT
    George Galis was born and raised in the union steel mill town of Monessen, Pennsylvania. He began working for his father’s company, Galis Painting, at age 12. He continued to work as an industrial and commercial painter through high school and eventually joined IUPAT Local Union 327 at age 16. He continued to work as a painter through college and after college.

    In 1978, Mr. Galis received his B.A. from California University of Pennsylvania, with a degree in Political Science. He continued his career as a painter until 1983 when he was appointed as an organizer for Local Union 6 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    In 1986, Mr. Galis was elected business manager/financial secretary of Local Union 6 and served in that capacity until being appointed as a general representative for the IUPAT in 1993. Mr. Galis served as an IUPAT representative until 2002 when he began serving as General Secretary-Treasurer. He was unanimously elected at the 2004 General Convention.

    As business manager/financial secretary of Local Union 6, Mr. Galis improved the local union by restoring it financially and making it a viable part of the Western Pennsylvania labor movement. He settled 3 collective bargaining agreements with the Western PA employers that included wage and benefit increases and stronger contract language, and did this while avoiding strikes for the first time in 30 years. He also implemented the first market recovery agreement to recapture lost markets.

    As a general representative, Mr. Galis was among the first IUPAT COMET teachers, personally teaching over 150 COMET classes. He was instrumental in the formation and full affiliation of 3 district councils. He also ran several successful organizing campaigns and led a team of representatives in the Eastern Region in a program called Union Building 96, which laid the foundation for organizing structure and tactics in our district councils.

    As General Secretary-Treasurer, aside from his constitutional duties, Mr. Galis has served as a trustee for the LMCI, FTI, and the IUPAT Pension Fund. He was instrumental in the creation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement Guidebook, which serves as a model for many IUPAT Collective Bargaining Agreements. He authored the Top Workplace Performance Plan, which serves as an organizing tool and ensures IUPAT members are the best in the industry. He also led the way in developing and running the IUPAT leadership series, which trains new IUPAT leaders.

    During his career, Mr. Galis graduated from the Harvard University Trade Union Program and received a Bachelor’s Degree from the National Labor College.

    Mr. Galis and his wife Dana have been married since 1988. They have two sons, Emilio and Zachary.

    Richard GrundAdolf Gust, President, Paragon Drywall Contractors
    Adolf Gust is the founder and president of Paragon Drywall Contractors, founded in 1973.  Born in Poland/Ukraine, Gust immigrated to Canada in 1951. He graduated from Central High School in 1959 and obtained his accounting designation, Certified General Accountant, in 1967. Paragon Drywall Contractors are signatories with Local 1891 of District Council 46, with the labor company being Tempo Insulation and Drywall Contractors, Ltd.

    Gust has been a trustee on the pension and welfare fund for more than 20 years, and sits on various committees including the audit, investment and negotiating committees. He is also a director of the Construction Safety Association of Ontario.

    Jerome Haber, Chairman of the Board, W & W Glass, LLC
    Jerry Haber is the Chairman of the Board of W & W Glass, LLC. W & W is a family owned business that started as Haber & Henry Inc. and has a 70-year history in the metal and glass industry. W & W is one of the largest metal and glass companies in the New York metropolitan area and the largest supplier of structural glass in the country.

    Haber, a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, was born into the family business and took over as president in 1963. He is the president of the Window and Plate Glass Dealers Association of New York and is a member of the Board of Governors of the Building Trades Employers Association of New York. He is a trustee of the DC 9 Welfare and Annuity Funds.

    Haber is married and has five children, three of whom are working with him at W & W.

    Robert KucheranRobert Kucheran - General Vice President, IUPAT
    Robert Kucheran was raised in Port Arthur, (now Thunder Bay) Ontario. He left home at 16 years of age to play hockey in the Ontario Hockey League where he played for the Oshawa Generals for 5 years. After the OHL, he attended York University on a hockey scholarship.

    He first became a member of the IUPAT in April 1985 working as a summer student at the Port Arthur Ship Building Company in Thunder Bay. Robert returned to school in 1992 and earned a diploma in International Business.

    It was after graduation that he became the Business Manager of Local 1671 in Thunder Bay. During this time, he was elected Secretary to the local building trades. He was also a director with the Superior North Apprenticeship Board.

    In 2000, Robert and his family located to Caledonia, Ontario when he took the position as Organizer with Local 205 Hamilton. Robert was appointed General President’s Representative in the fall of that same year. As GPR, he attended the Harvard University Trade Union Program in 2001.

    In 2005, he was appointed General Vice President, and in 2009, he was elected to that position. Active in many aspects of the industry, Robert is a board member of BuildForce Canada (formerly, the Construction Sector Council,) as well as an alternate delegate for the General President’s Maintenance Committee. He is a trustee to the Finishing Trades Institute (FTI), the Labor Management Cooperation Initiative (LMCI), the IUPAT Industry Pension Fund, and the IUPAT Industry Pension Fund Canada.

    In 2012, Robert was elected as the Chairman of the Executive Board for the Canadian Building Trades.

    Robert is an active member in his community as a Knight of Columbus. He and his wife, Suzanne, have been married for 28 years and have two sons.

    A. Joseph Russo
    Mr. Russo commenced working for the International Union of Painters & Allied Trades, District Council 46 (Toronto, Ontario), in January 1995 as its first in-house General Counsel. Prior to that, Mr. Russo worked as a litigation lawyer with Cassels, Brock and Blackwell, a major Toronto law firm. He also worked as a high school teacher teaching English literature. During his 17 years as General Counsel, Mr. Russo was involved in all aspects of the Union’s administration including collective bargaining negotiations, grievances, new company certifications, protecting the union’s trade jurisdiction, and addressing IUPAT members’ concerns. On October 1, 2013, Mr. Russo became the Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer of IUPAT District Council 46. Mr. Russo obtained his law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School and also holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto.

    James ReidJames Reid, General Vice President, Western Region, IUPAT
    In 1972, two years after an honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps, James was initiated as a glazier into IUPAT Local Union 1852 (later merged into LU 1778) in Austin, Texas.

    Six years later, after honing his craft in the field and remaining active with his union, James became an apprenticeship instructor for LU 1778, and then later the training director in 1980. In 1982, he was appointed business representative of LU 1778, and also worked as an organizer for the next nine years. His work and leadership paved the way for him to be elected as business manager/financial secretary for his local in 1992.

    In 1994, James was hired by the IUPAT to work for the office of the general president. For the next 17 years, he oversaw union business, organizing efforts and market-share development as an organizer, a general president's representative and as an assistant to the general president. He also served as president of the Austin, Texas Building and Construction Trades Council (BCTC), secretary-treasurer for the Central Texas BCTC and president of the Texas State Conference of the Painters and Allied Trades.

    In 2011, he was appointed general vice president for the Western Region of the IUPAT. In addition to his duties as vice president, he serves on the board of trustees for the IUPAT Industry Pension Fund, the IUPAT Finishing Trades Institute and the Painters and Allied Trades Labor Management Cooperation Initiative.

    Don SteadmanDon Steadman, President, All-Tech Decorating Company
    Don Steadman started his career as co-owner of Don and Dave’s painting as a means to pay for his college education. While working in the field, Don completed his education at St. Xavier University graduating in 1979 with a degree in Business Administration. Using his knowledge of the painting industry and his education, Don and Dave’s Painting expanded to a corporation now known as All-Tech Decorating Company.

    Don has been active with management associations for many years. He has served as a Director on the FCAI, NIPDI, PDCA, FCAC, and IAF Boards, and as a Trustee on DC30 Pension and Health & Welfare Boards. He is currently a Trustee on the DC14 Health & Welfare Board.

    Don and his wife reside in Lemont, Illinois.

    Harry Zell, General Vice President
    Harry Zell joined the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) as an apprentice glazier in District Council 91/Local Union 1165 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Harry remained active in union activities as an apprentice which earned him the job as the organizer for LU 1165 upon becoming a journey worker in 1993. Over the next eight years, Harry continued to remain active and served as an officer, instructor and on the IUPAT curriculum committee. He also earned a degree from Marshall Community & Technical College.

    In 2001, the International hired him as a general organizer. A couple of years later, he was promoted to general president’s representative for the IUPAT. He served in that position until October 1, 2012, when he was appointed general vice president of the IUPAT, assigned to the Central Region.

    IUPAT’s Pensions & Retirement
    Every other month, IUPAT publishes Pensions & Retirement, a section of the IUPAT Journal that is dedicated to keeping you updated on IUPAT’s Pension Fund. All of the issues will be posted here for your use. Print them out and read at your leisure! (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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