IUPAT Volunteer


Announcing the IUPAT Member to Remember Program

Members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades are renowned
throughout organized labor as being one of the most active groups in the movement.
Now, the IUPAT is rewarding that union spirit with the Member to Remember Program.
IUPAT members who participate in union organizing, PATCH, political and other
local IUPAT sponsored events will now earn a reward for their participation.

Who can enter?

All members of the IUPAT.*
How do you earn your reward?? It’s easy. Contact your district council (go to
www.IUPAT.org and click on Contact Us! To get the number), find out when the next
Member to Remember union event is taking place and then put your name on the list as
a volunteer. When you show up at the event, be sure to sign in. That’s all it takes! All
members who participate in three IUPAT events will receive the prize.

Contact your district council for more information or, better yet, go to your next district
council meeting. The IUPAT Member to Remember program, union activism just got a
lot more rewarding.

*Contest is for IUPAT members in good standing only. All officers and staff (and their
immediate family members) of IUPAT local unions, district councils, the International
and their associated funds are not eligible. Void where prohibited.