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WASH POST: The Sequester: Absolutely everything you could possibly need to know, in one FAQ

The Washington Post gives some answers to some of the many questions people are asking about the Sequester and just what it really means for us all. At the end of the month, the dreaded sequester is set to take effect. Hands up if you know what exactly that means — and be honest. Don’t … Read more »

IUPAT General President Williams on State of the Union Address

Statement by International Union of Painters and Allied Trades General President James Williams on President Obama’s State of the Union Address February 13, 2013 We’re pleased to see that creating jobs was the first priority addressed in President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night.  We applaud his proposed Fix-It-First and Partnership to Rebuild … Read more »

Florida Retirement System Is Sound; Changing It Would Cost Taxpayers More and Provide Retired Workers Less

Florida Retirement System Is Sound; Changing It Would Cost Taxpayers More and Provide Retired Workers Less Opponents of dramatic changes to public employees’ retirement benefits criticized proposals Wednesday that would unnecessarily cost taxpayers billions of dollars and leave firefighters, law enforcement officers and school employees with inadequate savings in their retirement years. “There’s no fire … Read more »

POLITICO: Business, labor leaders talk guest workers at White House

POLITICO covers a meeting about immigration reform and foreign workers at the White House with union and business leaders. President Barack Obama brought the debate over guest workers directly to the White House Tuesday, hosting advocates and business leaders in an effort to speed consensus for — and rally support against Republican calls to slow … Read more »

POLITICO: The NLRB’s uncertain state

From POLITICO —- The D.C. Circuit held that the three NLRB recess appointments were unconstitutional — and therefore, the board lacks the quorum it needs to conduct business. The ruling calls into doubt hundreds of recent rulings by the NLRB — perhaps as far back as the recess appointment of Craig Becker to the board … Read more »

Congressman Paul Ryan Challenged on Meet the Press

Addicting Info reports – Republican Congressman Paul Ryan was rattled Sunday on NBC’s Meet The Press when David Gregory showed the snippet from the President’s Inauguration speech, rebuking those that believe America is divided between makers and takers. David then showed a snippet where Ryan actually made the statement. Ryan visibly turned red and was immediately … Read more »

NY Times: Labor Sees Bright Spots in Membership Trends

From the New York Times — The American labor movement received some bitter news last week when theBureau of Labor Statistics released its annual report on union membership – it showed a 398,000 overall decline in union membership, with the percentage of workers in unions dropping to 11.3 percent, the lowest rate in nearly a century. But some … Read more »

Protect American workers from exposure to silica on the job

For about 100 years workers have been dying from exposure to silica on the job. Silica can cause both lung disease (silicosis) and cancer. The government have been talking about regulating exposures ever since the 1940s and sponsored a campaign to prevent silicosis in the 1990s. OSHA has drafted a proposal to reduce silica exposures … Read more »

Progress Michigan: Sen. Colbeck Tells Koch-Funded Group RTW Passed Because of DeVos Funding

Sen. Colbeck Tells Koch-Funded Group RTW Passed Because of DeVos Funding Behind closed doors, Colbeck gives credit to billionaire “unsung hero” DeVos LANSING – Today citizens advocacy group Progress Michigan released audio from an Americans for Prosperity “Citizen Watchdog Training” where lawmakers and activists bragged about the circumstances surrounding passage of RTW in Michigan. Sen. … Read more »

Daily Kos: MSNBC Krystal Ball’s Timely Rant On Union Membership – Americans, Wake the F*ck up!

From Daily Kos: Krystal Ball gave an impassionate and prescient rant on unions on MSNBC’s, The Cycle. In her rant she urged citizens not to bask in the aspiration of President Obama’s speech. While the speech was a very progressive speech, she states that there is one issue that went unmentioned, the decline of the … Read more »