Monthly Archives: October 2011

Trying to Get out of Debt? Expecting a Child? Want to Understand Retirement? The National Labor College has a New Free Online Tool that can Help with That and More!

The AFL-CIO and the National Labor College are launching Invested, a unique personal finance website offering free and unbiased financial education resources. According to the creators, the site was imagined due to a lack of endorsement-free personal financial advice for working people. The website addresses topics applicable to people of all ages and backgrounds: financing … Read more »

IUPAT Florida: Occupy Miami Picks up Union Support

Occupy Miami garnered public support from local unions today. South Florida Jobs for Justice, together with local labor unions, held a press conference this morning announcing their support for Occupy Miami. Read more at The American Independent.

Demand Grows for Skilled Trades Jobs

At a time when Michigan’s unemployment rate has increased for four straight months and is more than two percentage points above the national jobless rate, there is growing demand for construction and skilled trade workers in Metro Detroit and throughout the state. The uptick is a boon to journeymen, apprentices and union officials who sweated … Read more »

Labor Rights, Under Republican Attack

In the past month, the National Labor Relations Board has come under furious attack from Republicans in Congress, and decades-old workers’ rights are at risk. Backed by a well-financed lobbying and publicity offensive, Republicans are using a recent labor-law complaint against Boeing to achieve a radical goal that goes far beyond the legal issues in … Read more »

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

When Philadelphia Sign Co. (PSCO) was founded in 1911, wooden, handpainted “For Rent” signs represented its first offering. As neon’s introduction to the sign industry revolutionized electric-sign possibilities, the shop became an early adopter and built numerous movie marquees and rooftop signage as they became industry trends. The company has since kept pace with LED … Read more »

Greenbuild Presenters Encourage Energy Efficiency in Much-Demanded Glass Buildings

“Everyone wants to be in a daylit space these days. When tenants are looking for a new space, it’s all about how much light comes in,” said Eric Duchon of Cushman and Wakefield during his presentation on “Transparency in the Service of Sustainability: Addressing the Market Demand for Glass Buildings.” Duchon made his presentation on … Read more »

Factory Finished Wood Flooring Installation

Factory finished wood flooring over the past 10-15 years has become a bigger and bigger portion of the wood flooring market. Back in the ’80s and early ‘90s choices for solid wood factory finished flooring were mostly seal and wax finished flooring. Engineered flooring at that time was offered in conversion varnished finishes which was … Read more »

The Finish Line: EIFS Inspection

No doubt you are aware that the quality of EIFS is very dependent on the contractor. One way to ensure quality is to monitor the process of installing the EIFS as it is being installed. The inspector should not be the EIFS contractor, but an independent third party – usually someone that reports to the … Read more »

Union Members Fight Ind. ‘Right-to-Work’ Proposal

Union members packed an Indiana Statehouse hearing Thursday in their uphill fight against “right-to-work” legislation that sparked a five-week walkout by House Democrats earlier this year. Members of the General Assembly’s Interim Study Committee on Employment spent most of the day listening to supporters and opponents of the measure, which would prohibit workers from being … Read more »

Next Up: Young People Take Action to Address Economic Inequality

Suzi Person, a glazier from Painters (IUPAT) in Philadelphia came next and spoke about how she was more than honored to be building cities, bridges, and schools alongside her brothers and sisters in the Building Trades. She called for more building to be done to address our crumbling infrastructure and get people back to work. … Read more »