Democratic Governors Association White Paper – Jobs. Opportunity. Now.


Our nation is in a fight for our economic future.  As states across the nation grapple with the lasting effects of this great economic recession, Democratic governors and Labor unions have been focused on expanding opportunity and accelerating the jobs recovery.

Democratic governors and Labor unions both understand that a modern economy requires continued investment to support successful and cutting-edge policies and programs that spur innovation, leading to economic growth and new jobs in the states.

This white paper includes a number of practical solutions and promising best practices that governors can put into practice – ideas that can support and uplift state economies, rebuild communities and create jobs that put people to work now.  It presents a potential path forward for Democratic governors to pursue ideas that help jump-start and grow state economies with the promise of new jobs.

All of the job creation and retention ideas contained herein are contributed in partnership with Labor unions, representing a variety of workers and trades.  Labor unions have a long history of standing up for working Americans and defending their rights in the workplace.  Democratic governors are listening and eager to continue working in partnership with workers and the unions that represent them.

These are challenging times, but Americans are resilient and ready to work.  We can only find our way forward by working together to create jobs and expand opportunity now.  Democratic governors and Labor unions have this history, and will continue to lead the way in partnership for a better tomorrow.

Read the entire DGA White Paper HERE.