IUPAT NYC: Union Painters Protest Against 50% Wage Cuts

From the Village Beat –

A protest took place in front of Stuyvesant Town Apartment complex located on 15th Street and 1st Avenue. According to the District Council 9 of Union Painter’s and Allied Trades, Rose Associates who manages the complex have cut the painter’s wages in half.

Jack Kittle, the political director of District Council 9, claims that they have been very reasonable and have offered to take a 25% cut but Rose Associates aren’t willing to budge.

Due to the fact that the two sides could not come to an agreement, management has temporarily hired non-union painters, according to DC9.

Neighboring union workers and even residents came out to help support the painters, while police officers remained close to keep the peace.

Kittle stated that they are out everyday with information booths trying to raise awareness.

Bright gold fliers continue to be handed out to people passing by that refer to Rose Associates as “Bed bugs – who suck the financial blood from workers”. A large brown inflatable bug stands high in the middle of the protesters each day.

Watch the VIDEO HERE!