Get IUPAT Job Alerts on Your Mobile Phone!

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) has a mobile service that enables members in our core crafts to get job leads via text alerts on their mobile phones.

Here’s how it works: Members text the first letter of their craft from their mobile phone to 48728.

Painters (Industrial, Commercial and Wall Coverers) text the letter P to 48728.

Glaziers text the letter G to 48728.

Drywall workers text the letter D to 48728.

Floor covering installers text the letter F to 48728.

Trade show workers text the letter T to 48728.

Sign and display workers text the letter S to 48728.

If a job is announced in your craft somewhere in the U.S., we’ll text an IUPAT Job Alert to your phone with the contact information.