IUPAT General President James Williams Honored by AFL-CIO Maritime Trades Department

International Union of Painters and Allied Trades General President James Williams was honored today by the AFL-CIO Maritime Trades Department.  A board member of the Department, the “Ships Wheel” award was presented to him by Michael Sacco (left), president of the Seafarers International Union and president of the Maritime Trades Deparment, and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka (right).

Upon receiving the award, General President Williams called for labor unity and challenged the leaders there today to talk to “friends who have left the labor movement and ask them to return.  If we are to survive as a movement, we must work together.  It is the only way that we can fight off those who wish for our demise, and the only way that we can grow.”


Michael Sacco, president of the maritime trades department of the afl cio and president of the seafarers international union(siu) along with rich trumka

IUPAT General President Jimmy Williams receiving the “Ships Wheel” award by Seafarers International Union President Mike Sacco and AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka. Outstanding.

IUPAT General President James Williams honored by the Maritime Trades Department of the AFL-CIO for over 40 years of service to the working families of North America. Way to go Jimmy!!