IUPAT Wins MMA Smarties Award for Mobile Messaging

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) took home silver and gold in The Mobile Marketing Association’s 2012 Smarties Awards for its mobile job alerts program. Thousands of IUPAT members have found more work through this text messaging program since its launch in 2011. The program uses the unique Mobilize text messaging platform developed by DC based mobile technology provider Revolution Messaging.

Mobile Marketing Association’s 2012 Smarties Award to the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades for its Job Alert mobile messaging campaign.

The Mobile Marketing Association highlights groups who “push the boundaries of mobile marketing to reach and engage with consumers like no other media channel.” IUPAT received silver medal in the global messaging category and took home the gold medal in the North American region messaging category.

The messaging category applied to “any campaign featuring the use of mobile messaging tactics that drives and delivers against a core marketing objective.” With the Building and Construction Trades industry suffering huge unemployment rates during this current recession, at between 17 to 20 percent unemployment in 2011, IUPAT turned to mobile communication to keep members up to date on any and all potential jobs leads for their skill set.

IUPAT’s original job alerts went through email or telephone , but turning this program mobile ensured that people were getting these job alerts right away. Many people didn’t receive the information about an opportunity because they may not have been at their computer to get the notification right away or they may have moved and switched email or home address. However, people carry cell phones around in their pockets 18 hours a day, especially workers in the construction industry that don’t work a day job in front of a desk and computer.

“This simple technology has given us the ability to improve the lives of our members and their families in countless ways in lightning speed,” said IUPAT General President James Williams. “This system has become yet another benefit of being a member of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, and no doubt plays a strong part in strengthening our recruiting efforts to build our organization.”

These alerts are sent out regionally using Revolution Messaging’s zip code technology as well as by skill set, regional council or nationally. Employers are also excited because this is just one more way to quickly fill job positions with certified skilled labor that is guaranteed to show up – even if that means traveling a few hundred miles.

This job alerts mobile program provides an industry access to important, timely job information during a period when many people find themselves out of work.