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Hyatt has singled itself out as the worst hotel employer in America.

Hyatt has abused its housekeepers and other hotel workers, replacing longtime employees with minimum wage temporary workers and imposing dangerous workloads on those who remain.

In response, Hyatt workers have taken bold steps to end mistreatment, speaking publicly about abuses, going on strike, and now they are launching a global boycott of Hyatt.

The launch of the global boycott is the largest escalation to date of a multi-year campaign to win fair treatment and safer working conditions at Hyatt. Leaders of progressive organizations nationwide are standing with Hyatt workers. Additionally, workers have launched a call online to Vote Hyatt the Worst Hotel Employer in America.

The global boycott has been endorsed by the IUF, the global food, farm and hotel workers federation.

Thousands of individuals and organizations have pledged to honor boycotts called by Hyatt workers, and Hyatt has already lost $25 million in business as a result.

Why is Hyatt the Worst Hotel Employer in America?

Hyatt’s aggressive subcontracting is destroying good jobs and exploiting immigrants.

  • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. In Boston, Hyatt fired its entire housekeeping staff and replaced them with temporary workers earning minimum wage.
  • You want a job AND you want to get paid? Hyatt’s subcontracted workers in Indianapolis filed a lawsuit, alleging they were not getting paid for all the hours they worked. Hyatt responded by firing the subcontractor, putting in jeopardy the jobs of people who bravely stepped forward in the lawsuit.
  • We see Hyatt’s aggressive use of subcontracting in other cities. In Baltimore, for instance, only 9 of the 30-40 housekeepers working at the Hyatt Regency are full-time and directly employed by Hyatt. The rest are subcontracted temp workers earning minimum wage.

 Hyatt housekeepers have crushing workloads.

  • Work speed-up. Some housekeepers clean up to 30 rooms in an hour shift, leaving only 15 minutes to clean a room. This requires rushing that can lead to serious injury and even permanent disability.
  • Even the federal government thinks there’s a problem. OSHA recently issued a companywide letter to Hyatt warning it of the hazards its housekeepers face on the job. This is a first for the hotel industry.
  • And the experts agree. In a study published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine examining a total of 50 hotel properties from 5 different hotel companies, Hyatt housekeepers had the highest injury rate of all housekeepers studied when compared by hotel company.
  • Citations issued nationwide. OSHA or its state counterparts have issued 18 health and safety citations against Hyatt at 11 hotels and 3 citations against one of Hyatt’s housekeeping subcontractors with over $100,000 in proposed penalties.
  • Adding insult to injuries. Hyatt took the lead in lobbying against legislation in California that would make housekeeping work safer.

Hyatt workers suffer abuse and mistreatment.
There are many stories of abuse and mistreatment of Hyatt workers. Here are a few examples.

  • Three days for a C-Section? Hyatt demanded a dishwasher in San Francisco return to work three days after a C-section. When she refused, Hyatt tried to fire her.
  • Unjust firings. Hyatt fired two sisters after an objection was made to the posting of degrading pictures of them on a bulletin board at work.
  • You rally, you roast. Hyatt turned heat lamps on protesting workers in Chicago during a brutal heat wave.

Hyatt has refused to remain neutral as non-union hotel workers organize.
Non-union Hyatt workers in eight cities nationwide have asked the company for a fair and neutral process to form a union. Thus far, Hyatt has refused to honor the workers’ request to stay neutral.

How Our Allies Can Help Online
Thousands of workers on the ground are already speaking out about their mistreatment at the hands of Hyatt. Allies can amplify their voices by going online and voting Hyatt the Worst Hotel Employer in America and asking their friends, families, and networks to do the same. Thousands of allies have already shared the Vote Hyatt Worst website on Facebook, Twitter, and on their email lists.

Check out the Vote Hyatt Worst site at and use these sample Tweets and Facebook messages to get the word out:


Global boycott of Hyatt launched! Support Hyatt workers: Vote Hyatt Worst! #HyattHurts #p2

Hyatt Hurts! They’re the worst! Vote Hyatt the Worst Hotel Employer in America.

RT & vote if you support hotel housekeepers: “Hyatt Hurts Housekeepers! Vote Hyatt the Worst!”

Hyatt housekeepers are getting hurt and need your support! Vote Hyatt Worst! #HyattHurts #p2

I heart hotel housekeepers. So do you? Vote Hyatt Worst! #HyattHurts


Hyatt housekeepers are getting hurt at work. Some need surgery or have debilitating injuries from lifting mattresses and scrubbing bathroom floors. That’s why I stand with them as they launch a global Hyatt boycott today. I’m encouraging all my friends (fans/supporters) to take two seconds and vote Hyatt the Worst Hotel Employer in America. Vote Hyatt Worst: