Journey Women Painters Honored by Job Corps

Success stories are hard to resist, and this one is no exception.  Especially because this particular story is about not one, not two, but three young women who have found a bigger and better life thanks to the U.S. Department of Labor Job Corps Program and the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT).  Their accomplishments as tradeswomen and their personal dedication to building a better life were recently honored in a ceremony at the Weber Basin Job Corps Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kellie Dent, Kayleigh Selz and Lauren Harman are now IUPAT journey workers from Local Union 77 in Salt Lake City.  Nearly five years ago, before they became proud union members, they each decided to join the IUPAT pre-apprenticeship program as painters at the Weber Basin Job Corps Center for their own reasons.  Their new life consisted of dorm living with over 200 fellow students, and long days of training, education and a full work schedule.

Although each of them admits the days were hard, they are all quick to add that it was well worth it, and incredibly rewarding for their careers.

“I would definitely not be successful today if I didn’t have Job Corps,” said Harman.

“Before Job Corps, I had no goals, no hopes, no dreams,” said Selz.  She credits the program and her time as an IUPAT apprentice as changing that.  Today, four years after graduating the Job Corps program and serving her apprenticeship, Selz joins Harman and Dent working for Daniels Painting every day in Salt Lake City as journey worker painters.

“My appreciation goes out to Bob Daniels and his foremen, Jon West and James Gray,” said Tim Wilburn, the former Job Corps instructor for Dent, Selz and Harman.  “They see the value of investing in young workers for their own success in their industry.”

Daniels Painting is one of the many companies throughout the country that is a crucial and devoted partner for the success of our Job Corps students after they enter the workforce.  It’s a company that goes above and beyond for its employees.  Wilburn should know.  Before becoming a Job Corps instructor, he was an apprentice and journey worker at Daniels Painting.

Currently, the three women are making a good living and enjoying life thanks to a busy work docket at Daniels Painting.  It’s a success story not just for Kellie, Lauren and Kayleigh; but it’s also one for the dedicated men and women in Job Corps, the IUPAT and the IUPAT employers who are making a difference in the lives of thousands of young men and women entering the trades.