Ohio: IUPAT vows to get out the NO vote on Issue 2

IUPAT vows to get out the NO vote on Issue 2

This past week, Jim Watroba, business manager for IUPAT District Council 6, joined Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga and IUPAT members for a tele town hall meeting to discuss the need to vote NO on Issue 2/SB5 either now, through early voting, or on Election Day, November 8.

Over 3,000 IUPAT members from across the state participated on the call to talk about how Issue 2 is unfair, unsafe, and brings down Ohio’s middle class.
“Labor is always under attack, but not at this magnitude,” said Watroba.  “Senate Bill 5 and Issue 2 will take away fundamental rights to organize for all workers. Without collective bargaining –without unions – we’re left without a voice.”

“That’s why we need to get out in unprecedented numbers to vote No in Issue 2,” added Watroba.  “The only way we lose this is if we don’t get the vote out. I can’t stress enough that this is our fight.  It’s not about a candidate, it’s about us, union members are under attack. Talk to your co-workers, your families, and your neighbors and make sure they all vote.  It’s the most important thing you can do this November.”

President Burga reiterated Watroba’s call to action.  “This campaign is about turning out the vote to draw a line in the sand to say No on Issue 2, and to make sure that Governor Kasich and extreme politicians understand that when you attack one class of workers, you are attacking all workers,” said Burga.  “When you take away basic worker rights and collective bargaining, it will have a downward spiral effect on all of our communities.”

Until November 8, Watroba, IUPAT and working men and women across Ohio – folks from public sector unions, private sector workers and non-union workers –will talk to their friend, families and neighbors about why Issue 2 is bad for working families and must be defeated.

“We’re united in opposition to Senate Bill 5 issue 2, because what affects public sector unions affects the private sector, too,” Watroba said.
To find out how you can do your part to help defeat Issue 2/SB 5, click here.

Reprinted from Ohio AFL-CIO.