Relief Fund for IUPAT Members Affected by Superstorm Sandy

As you know, many IUPAT members were adversely affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and consequently, are in need of assistance.  While the IUPAT has reached out to those in need, I know that there are members across the country and in Canada who find themselves wondering what they can do to help their union brothers and sisters.

We are accepting donations to the Finishing Industries Disaster Relief Fund (FIDRF).  If district councils, local unions or members* would like to make a donation, please make checks payable to the Finishing Industry Disaster Relief Fund and forward them to The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades c/o GST Galis, 7234 Parkway Drive, Hanover, MD  21076.

The FIDRF was established by the IUPAT General Executive Board (GEB) in the wake of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast in 2005.  This fund is mandated by the GEB to be used only to help members in need due to disasters.  Since Katrina, this fund has helped members across North America who were victims of various disasters. 

With many thanks,
General President James Williams 

*Please note that individual contributions from members are not tax deductable.