Tuesday, August 12, with resounding support and words of praise read into the record by delegates from coast to coast and on behalf of all of Canada, General President Kenneth E. Rigmaiden and his slate of executive leaders were elected on Day 2 of the IUPAT 31st General Convention.

With no opposition nominated by any of the more than 700 delegates, a roll call vote was not required. General President Rigmaiden and his slate were elected by acclamation. District Council 14 Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer Terrence P. Fitzmaurice read the prepared statement detailing the General President’s career history and then officially nominated him and his slate.

That slate includes: Executive General Vice President William D. Candelori, Jr., General Secretary-Treasurer George Galis, General Vice President Robert Kucheran, General VicePresident Harry Zell, General Vice President James L. Reid and General Vice President atLarge/Organizing James A. Williams, Jr.

“I thank you for this honor on behalf of a labor union which is moving with determination towards a Bold Future,” said Rigmaiden.  “I am mindful that this honor bears the responsibility of helping to lead a labor movement striving to find its voice and its strength in the maze of progressive causes, and in the face of relentless opposition.”