STAR TRIB: On the Job with Francisco Altamirano

The inspiring story of IUPAT member Francisco Altamirano (District Council 82 in Minnesota) is well covered in the Minnesota Star Tribune.

Francisco Altamirano was born in Mexico, but his roots in the U.S. go deep. He has photos of his grandfather at work in Chicago in the 1920s. During his own youth, he and his family spent summers in California, working in agriculture. For previous generations of his family, the U.S. was a place to come and make money before heading back home. Altamirano instead got a Green Card in 1986 and became a citizen three years later.

Achieving the American dream wasn’t easy. “Everything an American does is twice as hard for immigrants to do,” he said. For him, the path to success led him to become a journeyman glazier. Today, he works as an organizer for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT), helping others to do as he did.

Read the story at the Star Tribune HERE.