Top Five Trends in Glass at the AIA Show

As reported by USGlass Magazine, here are the top five trends in glass at the AIA show —

Never one to write long if I can write short, here are the top five glass trends from the AIA 2012 convention, which just ended Saturday:

1.Dynamic and solar control glass a-go-go:  The primary manufacturers were out in semi-force (no AGC, no Cardinal) touting new and advanced products for solar control and energy efficiency. PPG Industries and Pleotint teamed up to present Suntuitive. It changes shading based on temperature and is easy to install, according to PPG’s Joanne Funyak;  Honeymooners Saint-Gobain and Sage Electrochomic were discussing a future of joint products (though they still had separate booths). Saint-Gobain also displayed electrochromic microlouvers available with both fixed and dynamic daylight control; and Guardian Industries’ product offerings included an innovative new photovoltaic system. Guardian actually had California contract glazier Nick Bagatelos at the booth discussing the system and how contract glaziers can learn to install it.

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