Total Station Training Continues at IUPAT/FTI

The ever-evolving trade of the glazier requires the ability to read and interpret prints and various specifications, and then take that information to layout the work to be installed. Total Station is a technology that can be used by IUPAT glaziers, and other IUPAT crafts, to effectively accomplish that task.  Beginning last September, IUPAT members successfully trained on the Total Station system at the International Training Center in Hanover.

This week, IUPAT trainers returned to Hanover to continue their training.

stations 2Total Station is a combination of a theodolite (electronic transmit) and an electronic distance-measuring device (EDM) with software running on an internal computer. With a Total Station, both angles and distances can be measured at the same time. The instrument’s on-board computer uses the measured angles and distances to calculate coordinates of these measured points or the position of the instrument from known points.  It’s a relatively inexpensive means of making fast, high-precision measurements for layout.

Training continues every day at the IUPAT!