Trouble at Your Polling Station? Here’s the Info to Report it!

From Daily Kos:

Here are some links and phone numbers to help with troubleshooting the voting that have been tested and found to work. If you know of others, please add them in the comment thread and we’ll use them throughout today.

• Vote411. Plug in your address and find out where your polling station is and information about your registration.
• An interactive map with hundreds of links to state-by-state election websites, including voter guides, provisional voting information and polling place hours and locations.
• Free phonebanking and ride organizing from your home phone and computer. Please help get out the vote: Call out the Vote.
• 1-800-311-8683 Voter Help Line set up by the Democratic Party
• 1-866-MYVOTE1 (866-698-6831)
• 1-866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683)
• 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (en Español)

OFA’s Voter Hotlines
(They accept calls in English or Spanish.)

• California: 1-855-OFA-VOTE
• Florida: 1-855-VOTE-214
• Iowa: 1-855-VOTE-174
• Michigan: 1-877-271-1672
• Minnesota: 1-877-257-0643
• Nevada: 1-855-868-3175
• New Hampshire: 1-866-2-VOTE-22
• New Mexico: 1-877-271-5058
• North Carolina: 1-855-VOTE-171
• Ohio: 1-855-VOTE-199
• Oregon: 877-257-6154
• Pennsylvania: 1-855-834-VOTE
• Virginia: 1-855-VOTE-213
• Washington: 1-877-271-3509
• Wisconsin: 1-855-VOTE-177
• Other states can call 1-800-311-VOTE (1-800-311-8683) or visit