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Why is TPS and DACA important to the IUPAT?

  • The IUPAT has many dues paying members who are TPS or DACA beneficiaries. With the future of TPS in question, we would like to briefly summarize the negative impact that ending the program would have on our union, our industry, and the workers we seek to represent.
  • We know that thirty percent of TPS recipients have found employment in the construction industry, many of them work in our trades and many of them are in our union. Terminating TPS and DACA would force these members back into the underground economy that feeds the non-union workforce.
  • The decision of DHS to terminate TPS would have immediate, expensive ramifications for our country and industry costing taxpayers $3 billion, a $45 billion reduction in GDP, $6.9 billion reduction in Social Security and Medicare contributions and nearly $1 billion in employer costs combined with and already stressed skilled worker pool.