IUPAT Mid-Term Election Update

IUPAT Mid-Term Election Update New Democratic Majorities: 8  |  Seats Flipped:  372  |  Trifectas: +7 Nationwide, candidates had already flipped 44 seats headed into Election Day, and created a trifecta in Washington state by flipping the Senate from red to blue. This is incredibly helpful to our Union and hundreds of others under the AFL-CIO as we garner support … Continue reading IUPAT Mid-Term Election Update

GP Bulletin Mid-Term Election Gains

IUPAT Mid-Term Gains 2018  Governors Illinois New Mexico Kansas Nevada Michigan Wisconsin Maine     U.S. House Arizona CD-2 New Jersey CD-11 Colorado CD-6 New York CD-11 Florida CD-26 New York CD-19 Florida CD-27 New York CD-22 Iowa CD-1 Oklahoma CD-5 Iowa CD-3 Pennsylvania CD-5 Illinois CD-6 Pennsylvania CD-6 Illinois CD-14 Pennsylvania CD-7 Kansas CD-3 … Continue reading GP Bulletin Mid-Term Election Gains