Hillary Clinton Stands with Our Veterans

Hillary Clinton will fulfill the promises this country made to our veterans.

HRC veteransThroughout her career, Hillary Clinton has understood the importance of taking care of the men and women who serve our country. As president, she will continue to keep our promise to America’s veterans.

■ Stood with Veterans with Gulf War Syndrome.
As First Lady, Clinton worked to draw attention to the thousands of veterans who suffered from various illnesses, including respiratory problems and memory loss, after returning from the Persian Gulf War. (The New York Times, 8/15/95)

Sponsored Expansion of GI Bill.
In the Senate, Clinton sought to expand the GI Bill to help more veterans get an education. (21st Century GI Bill of Rights, introduced, 5/16/07; Hillary for President, 8/20/07)

Against Privatizing the VA.
Clinton thinks veterans deserve the very best care—and instead of privatizing the VA, she will ensure the men and women who served our country have strengthened and expanded access to high-quality health care. (HillaryClinton.com, accessed 7/8/16)

Donald Trump has a history of demeaning, criticizing and even threatening the livelihoods of veterans.

DT Veterans

Despite avoiding the Vietnam War because of deferments, Trump claimed he endured the rigors of service because of a military-themed boarding school. Trump also said POWs like John McCain are not heroes, saying, “I don’t like people who were captured.” (The New York Times, 9/8/15; The Washington Post, 7/18/15)

Trump believes in privatizing the VA, leaving those who have fought and served so bravely at the mercy of for-profit insurance companies. (The Wall Street Journal, 5/12/16)

After promising to donate to veterans’ groups as a political stunt at a campaign event, Trump waited months to do so, and only made the donation after being questioned about it by the media. (The Washington Post, 5/24/16, 5/31/16)

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