Thank you fellow members, for taking the time during the past couple weeks to submit your comments against IRAPs and standing up to fight for this important cause. But our struggle is not over. If you have not already, we ask on behalf of the sanctity of our entire organization, click here to submit your comments to the Department of Labor and demand that Construction be left out of the Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program.

While the current rule keeps the construction industry out of proposed business-backed, IRAPs, this rule is not yet final. IRAPs would allow for-profit apprenticeship programs that could slow workers from advancing, keeping their wages slow while companies reap the profits from their hard work. Because of their size, the Associated Building Contractors (ABC) would become a major player in the IRAP system, subsequently pushing unionized apprenticeships into a smaller corner. We must not let this small victory deter our efforts to succeed.

We must educate our fellow workers on the job site and our friends and family regarding this attack on our gold-standard apprenticeship programs. We urge you to share this link over social media with your community members, your friends and family, and your colleagues in the workplace and ask everyone to take just a minute or two to speak out on behalf of union apprenticeships.

The result of this fight will determine the course of our apprenticeships for decades to come. thank you all for your time, attention and consideration to this important issue.