A Baby Shower for Moms in Need

For DC 5 members in the Tacoma-Seattle area, one Day of Action community event wasn’t enough.

In the morning, the Women’s Committee, called J.E.S.S (Jobsite Environment Support Sisters), sponsored and organized a community baby shower for families in need, along with partners affiliated with the Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department. Thirty-five mothers and their families participated in the traditional baby shower with games, food, cake, and gifts. The committee collected enough diapers and wipes to help approximately 300 families. It was a great event to share stories, offer advice and show solidarity for women in the Finishing Trades.

In the afternoon, a greenspace revitalization project also was hugely successful. The property was once an overgrown space utilized by homeless campers. It has been cleared and will be now used as a community garden/food forest. DC 5 members and staff picked up garbage, and raked dirt, leaves and debris to level walking areas. They laid stones and bark to create a path connecting the Eastside Family Support Center and Tribal Early Learning Center.

“Being part of a solution in our communities is vital, not just to its continuation, but its success and growth,” said Cynthia Grant, who organized both events.