Apprentices Repaint Exterior of Training Facility

District Council 30-Illinois, Wisconsin

Apprentices at work repainting exterior of DC 30 training facility.
Apprentices at work repainting exterior of DC 30 training facility.

Throughout the months of fall, the JATF apprentices at IUPAT District Council 30 have been busy repainting the exterior of the council’s 74,000 square-foot training facility in Aurora, Illinois. The building had not been painted since it was first built in 2007. After eight years, it was time to coordinate an extensive facelift. “A project of this magnitude gives our apprentices a great opportunity to gain aerial lift experience in real life circumstances,” said Apprenticeship Instructor David Arvayo. “They get to work on a major project from start to finish, without having to venture too far from the classroom.”

Power washing began in early August, and the repaint was completed in October. Almost all members currently enrolled in the DC 30 apprenticeship program were able to participate in some part of the process, regardless of experience or skill level. “It’s important that we give these opportunities to our apprentices at every level,” added David. “Our new students will never be able to perfect the trade if we don’t first give them a chance to get their hands dirty.”

Great job to the following apprentices involved in the project: Trevor Austin, LU #448; Steve Barnes, LU #154; Ryan Carlson, LU #448; Alexis L. Dominguez, LU #448; Brian DuSell, LU #97; Unique Espinosa, LU #448; Joel Garibay-Lomeli, LU #448; Brian Guethle, LU #97; Miguel Hidalgo, LU #448; Samuel Infante, LU #97; Nathan Long, LU #465; Luis Lopez-Pulido, LU #448; Arturo Martinez Jr., LU #154; Edwin Pagan, LU #97; Antonio Perez, LU #157; Reggie Ratcliffe, LU #448; Ryan Reynolds, LU #448; Abel Salazar, LU #448
Daniel Settles, LU #448; Solomon Strickland, LU #448; Bradley Wloszcynski, LU #448.