Bold Future for IUPAT Members Running for Office

Workers’ right to organize, to collectively bargain, to be safe on the job and to retire with dignity and security after years of hard work are fundamental to our country and to our economy. In too many statehouses across the United States, and in the halls of Congress, these rights are under a concerted attack by special interests and big corporations who have forgotten that a strong economy requires a strong workforce.

216924_116794808399309_100294373382686_150653_5029204_nThe International Union of Painters and Allied Trades knows that when our members are elected to public office they carry with them the ideals of the job site – hard work, a strong trade union movement and a bond with the men and women who work beside them.

Tip O’Neal Jr., the House Speaker from Massachusetts from 1977-1987, often used the phrase “all politics is local” to emphasize that success in politics is only possible if the candidate or leader successfully understands and addresses the issues important to his or her own constituents. If the voters don’t believe that their lives will directly benefit from a candidate running to represent them, they won’t vote for that candidate.

Having IUPAT members running for office in their communities is the embodiment of all politics is local.

IUPAT_Logo_colorIUPAT General President Kenneth Rigmaiden and the General Executive Board are committed to helping our fellow members listed below as they seek to make a difference in their communities. You can do your part to help elect these candidates by contacting your district council or visiting the website next to the candidate:

Victor Torres Jr – Running for Florida’s 15th State Senate District. Victor is a proud Member of IUPAT District Council 78, representing Florida.

Mark Pocan – Running for Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District. Mark is a proud Member of IUPAT District Council 7, representing Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Randy Schultz – Running for Keokuk County Executive. Randy is a proud Member and business agent of IUPAT District Council 81, representing Iowa and Nebraska.

Troy Jackson – Running for Maine State Senate District 35. Troy is a proud Member of IUPAT District Council 35, representing Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

David Bland – Running for West Virginia’s 8th House of Delegates District. David is a proud member of IUPAT District Council 53.

Jeff Stark – Running for Montgomery County Legislator District 7 in New York. Jeff is a proud member of IUPAT District Council 9, Eastern New York.

Darcy Burner – Running for Washington State House of Representatives Legislative District 5, Position 2. Darcy is a proud member of IUPAT District Council 5, representing Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Utah.

For more information on how you can help these proud members who are running for office please contact your district council or If you would like to run for office yourself, please contact your District Council political director.