Building a Park for a Fallen Officer

The construction of the Officer Derek Owens Park is going smoothly thanks to District Council 6 members, reaching over 100 days on the project. This project is to honor fallen Officer Derek Owens, who was shot and killed in the line of duty. The incredible team from the Cement Masons Local 404 poured the dark gray concrete pads and will soon finish the colored concrete sections and concrete sidewalks. DC 6 Painting Instructor Mike Vegh blasted and painted the wrought iron fence, which is up soon for installation. On July 31st at the Cleveland training facility, Mike presented the finished fence to Captain Sulzer, who is heading this project. It’s great to see that the park now has a foundation!

DC 6 is committed to giving back to the community. DC 6 and Cement Masons donated several hours into making this park a success. Thanks to Cleveland Captain Keith Sulzer for taking the initiative and pushing to get this project approved and coordinating help from several union construction trades.