C.O.R.E. Committee Meeting at International Training Center

IMG_3106-e1429814823754On April 23, 2015 the Community Organizing for Real Economics (CORE) committee met at the international training facility in Hanover, MD to discuss short and long term goals for the next five years. CORE was launched by the IUPAT in October 2013 when representatives from numerous district councils met to discuss the best practices of grass-roots community activism, and put them to use for our mutual goals.  We are working to ensure that our neighbors in our communities realize that the labor movement is far more than just a group of workers fighting for fair wages and benefits; we are an organization ready to advance a better life for all.

The committee reviewed their strategic plan to increase, engage, and change the culture of the membership. Throughout the meeting, the committee discussed the importance of strengthening relationships within communities through organizing and increased political activity. In order to grow and diversify our membership, the CORE strategies must be implemented at the District Council level. The committee also determined that we must continue organizing younger members and minorities to build capacity for the IUPAT.