District Council 15 – Members of Local 86 Fight Against Wage Theft

A group of District Council 15/Local Union 86 (Phoenix, Arizona) members, who were formerly employed by Real Property Painters, have been fighting for unpaid compensation from the company. Back in January, the members filed a complaint with the Department of Labor, alleging that Real Property Painters refused to pay time-and-a-half in accordance with federal law. The investigation into this matter went on for months. On June 14, the owner of Real Property Painters found out about the complaint against his company. Instead of resolving the issue with his former employees, he decided to close the shop. According to the Department of Labor, workers can expect to receive back pay for their work in the near future.

Members of DC 15/LU 86 were victorious in their fight against wage theft in Arizona. L to R: DC 15 Organizer Roberto Camacho, Mario Lomeli, Silverio Torrez, Ramiro García, Enrique Ruiz, Gerardo Ordaz, Adrián Maldonado, Gabriel A Zanudo, Eduardo Falcón, Carlos Carlos, Antonio Martínez, and DC 15 Organizer Juan Padilla.

The shutting down of Real Property Painters is a big victory for the IUPAT. The contractor had been a direct competitor to IUPAT signatory contractors since 1996. Congratulations to the members of Local Union 86 for making their voices heard and fighting against wage theft.