District Council 4 – Warm Up Western New York

From October 1, 2017 – January 1, 2018, members and staff of District Council 4 participated in the annual Warm Up Western New York blanket drive. DC 4 collected and donated a total of 211 blankets for the drive, all of which were distributed to the young patients at Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, New York. DC 4 has participated in this annual drive for the past two years, and will continue to participate in the future. Warm Up WNY Coordinator, Senator Tim Kennedy, thanked the members of DC 4 for their large contribution to the drive.

Warm Up WNY was created to provide blankets for children in hospitals in the western New York area. Blankets not only provide warmth and comfort during the winter months, they also provide a sense of psychological tranquility, which is very important for children. Prolonged hospital care can be difficult for children, and research has shown that blankets help ease stress and tension.

Participants in DC 4’s blanket drive for Warm Up Wester New York included: Front row, (L-R): DC 4 Business Representative Dominic Zirilli; LU 112 member Bill Mayer; Warm Up WNY Coordinator Senator Tim Kennedy (D-NY); DC 4 Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer Jeffrey Carroll; DC 4 Organizer Wesley Schlossin; DC 4 Director of Training Mark Weisenburg; and Attorney from Lipsitz Green Cambria Scime, Keith Williams. Back row, (L-R): Attorney from Lipsitz Green Cambria Scime, Joe Guza; DC 4 Business Representative Michael Hogan and LU 43 member Matt Nasca.