District Council 50 – Pathways to Apprenticeship

On September 15, 2017, the District Council 50 Training Office participated in “Pathways to Apprenticeship” in Hilo, Hawaii. The Department of Labor’s Workforce Development Division hosted the event at Hawaii Community College. The objective of Pathways to Apprenticeship was to educate career counselors, high school guidance counselors, vocational instructors and job placement companies about the value of apprenticeship programs.

Over 60 guests from all over Hilo participated in the event, including Mayor Harry Kim. DC 50’s training representatives educated the guests on the value of apprenticeship programs, explaining that it’s not just for students who don’t go to college. DC 50 member Kellie Nishikida also spoke to the audience about her experiences in the IUPAT apprenticeship program and the benefits of being a union member. After the presentations, guests were encouraged to visit DC 50’s booth to ask questions and get additional information on how to join the IUPAT.

Representatives of DC 50 at Pathways to Apprenticeship spoke to guests about career opportunities in the IUPAT.