District Council 57 – IUPAT Day of Action

In May, members of District Council 57 devoted their time and energy to beautifying Casa San Jose (CSJ), a community center in Beechview, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2013, CSJ served as a resource center for Pittsburgh’s Latino community. This year, the community center relocated to Beechview. In need of a new sign and some façade painting, CSJ contacted DC 57 for assistance.  DC 57’s Joe Hughes and Giles Grinko put together a crew of 10 members to assist with the renovations. The crew created and erected a sign and completed the façade painting. Thanks to the volunteers, the center saved thousands of dollars on renovations of the new CSJ building.

L-R: LU 409 (Greensburg) member Scott Westover (LU 409 Painters/Tapers), DC 57 Director of Servicing Barry Turner (DC 57 Director Of Servicing, LU 2006 Tapers), DC 57 Field Representative Bill Fellabaum (Field Rep. LU 2006 Tapers), DC 57 Field Representative Tom Flook (Field Rep. LU 6 Painters), LU 6 (Carnegie) member Don Slabe (LU 6 Painters), DC 57 BM/ST Rocky DeStefano (BM/ST DC 57) and DC 57 Director of Organizing Dave Sell.