District Council 77 – SSPC C-3 Class

From January 5-8, 2017, District Council 77 held the SSPC C-3 class for Local Union 1293 (Sheffield, Florence and Tuscumbia, Alabama). This 32-hour course offering focuses on the Supervisor Competent Person Training for De-leading of Steel Structures. Participants who successfully complete the SSPC C-3 course will be certified competent persons. As competent persons, they will oversee industrial lead abatement projects for QP2 contractors, assuring that workers on the job site and surrounding areas will be safe from hazardous metals such as lead, arsenic, hexavalent chromium and cadmium. The competent person will also be responsible for making sure our members follow the mandatory hygiene procedures, preventing workers from bringing contaminants home.

SSPC C-3 training was held for members of Local Union 1293. Participants were very receptive to the material.

SSPC Proctors Larry Peacock and Chris Ming of District Council 77 delivered the training. A total of 12 members participated in the course.