Helping Firefighters Protect Our Communities

Monarch Fire Department trains their first responders in all areas of emergencies and needed a realistic setting for search and rescue training. The commercial painting mock-up structures at District Council 58’s FTI building ended up being the perfect place for practice.

In the summer of 2018 an alarm triggered by the water suppression system caused a response from the Monarch Fire Department. After the small hole in the line was stabilized, DC 58 Director of Training Kevin Harned gave the firefighters a tour of the facilities asked if they had a training need the facility could help meet. It turned out that the facility’s two-story building mockups could provide the realistic setting needed for the firefighters’ search and rescue training. In March 2019 this important training was given over three days to the firefighters of the Monarch Fire District.

“This was an excellent opportunity for Monarch Fire Crews to collaborate with the painters and enhance our search/mayday skills through different scenarios,” said Battalion Chief Ed Fassler. “It is difficult for us to find realistic props and the indoor structures you provided were superb. We cannot thank you enough and look forward to more opportunities.”

DC 58 is proud to fully support our first responders – like the union firefighters of the Monarch Fire Department-  and is looking forward to assisting them again in the future. 

Caption: Monarch Fire Crews utilize District Council 58’s space for important search and rescue training.