IUPAT Employer Talks About the Trump Way of Doing Business

The early 1990s found Donald Trump deep in debt and in the middle of some real estate development problems.  Among them was the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City.

In 1990, as the casino was ready to open its doors, USA Today reported “that Trump’s companies owed a total of $69.5 million to 253 subcontractors on the Taj Mahal project.” Among the companies owed was Atlantic Plate and Window Glass Inc., an employer of IUPAT members.  When Marty Rosenberg, one of the company owners, realized that Trump was planning to play pennies on the dollar for his debts to the constructions companies, if anything at all, he led a coalition of owners to collect what was owed to them.

Not every company survived the Trump stalemate.  Watch the Atlantic Plate and Window Glass story here:

Read the USA Today story about the other companies – and their employees – that suffered under the Trump way of doing business HERE.