IUPAT General President Ken Rigmaiden and IUPAT DC 88 Attend Texas AFL-CIO 60th Constitutional Convention

IUPAT General President Rigmaiden spoke to the attendees and delegates of the Texas AFL-CIO 60th Constitutional Convention about the importance of organizing efforts, solidarity in supporting union apprenticeship programs, and the future of the labor movement in Texas and IUPAT DC 88’s role in building that future. DC 88 Director of Organizing Salvador Herrera spoke on an organizing panel about how to overcome the challenges of organizing in the south, workers’ rights, and the fight for working people. 

“To see the pride coming out of that District Council, that local union … that is our team and that team looks like America,” said IUPAT General President Rigmaiden. “That team is all-inclusive and comprises male, female, white, black, and Latino workers. They have NO fear!”