IUPAT Journal Extras!

Sometimes we just can’t show everything important to working families in the print version of the Journal.  Take a look below at our Journal Extras!

Government Affairs Update

In the March-June edition of the Journal, the IUPAT Government Affairs article (click here to read a copy) on page 48 features news and updates on the legislative plan ahead in both the United States and Canada.

A priority for us in the United States is President Donald Trump’s planned infrastructure investment.  His proposed $1 trillion proposal to make our infrastructure great again means jobs for IUPAT members and our brothers and sisters in the other trades.

Here’s a White House fact sheet with details on the infrastructure initiative.

Here is a recent article from The Hill that unfortunately doesn’t paint a pretty picture on the timing of the initiative.

Some more background on how the infrastructure initiative is developing via IUPAT News on www.IUPAT.org.

More from Government Affairs…

On page 50 of the article, it is reported how Missouri has ended its prevailing wage on stage construction projects.  Some sobering statistics from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) on the negative effect of repealing prevailing wage laws are featured, as well.

See the Journal article HERE, and read the entire EPI article HERE.