IUPAT Leaders from the U.S. and Canada Meet

This week, district council leaders from the United States and Canada are meeting with General President Kenneth Rigmaiden and the rest of the General Executive Board to put policies in place to grow the IUPAT.

FullSizeRenderSubjects covered in this three-day conference include presentations and proposals on organizing, the Finishing Trades Institute, Government Affairs and Pension, among others.  This meeting is a crucial one for our leadership to not only adopt new programs for the advancement of the IUPAT, but to share best practices on the initiatives already in place and how we can best improve our efforts and results.

One of the key programs discussed among the leadership is the IUPAT Community Day of Action. A part of our Community Organizing for Real Economics (CORE) initiative, the day is scheduled for April 16, 2016, and volunteers from each IUPAT district council will work on a project to benefit their community.  The types of projects include renovations to local buildings and playgrounds, as well as volunteering in local community programs to help neighbors in need.  Read more about our Community Day of Action HERE, and check your news for more information about the leadership meetings taking place this week.