IUPAT Volunteers Restore Look of Historic Seattle Labor Landmark

In September, apprentices from Finishing Trades Institute Northwest of District Council 5 volunteered their time and skill to paint the interior of the Seattle Labor Temple.  The historic building, built in 1942, at one time housed nearly 50 unions.


As evidenced by the above photo (BTW – the Labor Temple sign dates back to 1950), the apprentices were proud to volunteer their time and talents to paint a historical landmark in need of an update.  The labor Temple was equally grateful for the support and philanthropy from our union.

Special thanks to the following Apprentices:  Cody Denton, Chad Graue, Mikhail Lisitsyn, Trebla Lowe, Chandel Moore, James Northrup, Miguel Ochoa, Evan Philips-Brown, Zarina Romanets, Tsvetan Todorov and Daniel Whalen