Myths and Facts About Falls in Residental Construction

Myth: Residential contractors don’t get injured as badly as commercial construction workers.

FACT: Half of all construction workers who have fallen to their death in Massachusetts worked in residential construction.

ladder1Myth: You have to fall a long distance to kill yourself.

FACT: If you hit your head hard enough, you can die from any height. Half the construction workers who died in a fall fell from a height of 25 feet or less. Even if you survive a fall, you may be laid up for some time with a disability.

Myth: Experienced workers don’t fall.

FACT: The average age of construction workers who have fallen to their death was 43. These men had many years of experience.

Myth: Fall Protection Equipment is more of a hindrance than a help.

FACT: Nothing is more of a hindrance than a lifetime disability. Fall protection equipment is continually improving. Retractable lifelines allow for maximum flexibility. Roof anchors can be nailed into the structural members of wooden roofs.

Myth: Working safely is costly.

FACT: Some equipment isn’t costly, such as ladder stabilizers, guardrail holders, and fall protection kits. Other items such as scaffolds are more expensive. Invest in this equipment, just as you would a quality tool.

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