Orlando Puerto Rican Parade & Festival

District Council 78/Local Union 1010 members participated in the 3rd annual Orlando Puerto Rican Parade & Festival.

This year’s float featured the “IUPAT Fights for Working Families” logo and the LU 1010 colors bearers proudly lead the procession with a PAT-VP banner. Several 1010 members also waived large Commonwealth flags of Puerto Rico along with our IUPAT International flag.

Local 1010 member and parade float organizer Alex Vargas said, “I am proud to be with my IUPAT brothers and sisters in this celebration of Puerto Rican Heritage in Central Florida.”

This year’s parade and festival theme was “Healthcare is not an option, it is a necessity.” District Council 78 members showcased the IUPAT and its growing numbers in the Puerto Rican Community throughout Florida, and their contributions in the construction trades.