IUPAT Industry Spotlight – Ames Tape-Tech Certification

The IUPAT Finishing Trades Institute is launching a new video series, The IUPAT Industry Spotlight, that will highlight some of the training taking place at the FTI International Training Center in Hanover, Maryland, as well as other training centers across the United States and Canada.

The Finishing Trades Institute works on a daily basis to not only provide state-of-the-art curriculum for our trainers, its directors also work with local training programs to partner with manufacturers for certification on their products.

This summer, District Council 21 FTI (Philadelphia) hosted an AMES/Tape-Tech Certification Class for our Eastern Region FTI Drywall Finishing instructors. This industry recognized certification developed by AMES/Tape-Tech will be adopted by IUPAT FTI as part of the Drywall Finishers curriculum.

DSC04771 (002)During the three-day course, trainers learned how to administer the Ames Certification, and took part in getting certified themselves both in theory and hands on training in the shop. The certification consisted of two parts: online (LMS) training in the computer lab, and hands on evaluation in which they were graded in everything from application to the maintenance of the Ames/Tape-tech tools.

With the growing demand for a qualified trained work force the FTI recognizes certifications like Ames and the partnerships built with other manufactures as a corner stone of state of the art training. Maintaining front line training and producing a highly qualified and productive work force is the best way to maintain our future and our relevance in our market.

Keep an eye out for more episodes of The IUPAT Industry Spotlight!