A Union is Only as Strong as Its Members

This is why organizing is at the center of everything the IUPAT does. This is why organizing is at the center of everything the IUPAT does


The IUPAT uses innovative and exciting organizing strategies to ensure that our union maintains a large, diverse and active membership – which is crucial to maintaining the goals of the IUPAT:

  1. Securing Safe Workplaces;
  2. Ensuring Fair Wages and Benefits; and
  3. Cultivating Institutional and Political Support.

The IUPAT Organizing Department helps the union’s local district councils develop their own strategic organizing plans and helps to coordinate campaigns that are regional, national and international in scope.

To assist with its mission, the Organizing Department conducts a variety of organizing training for leaders, staff and members, including:

  • COMET Classes
  • Mark Breslin Seminars
  • Mike Lucas Seminars
  • “Closing the Deal” Seminars
  • STORM Training

Our Organizers Work for YOU

IUPAT organizers know their business – ensuring the future of our organization – and are committed to it! They are determined, charismatic and caring, making them strong individuals who know how to recruit new members while mobilizing the IUPAT’s current membership.

Joining the IUPAT

Every working American has the right to join a union; The National Labor Relations Act makes it law.

The IUPAT provides members with state-of-the-art training and continuing education, and bargains for better pay and benefits, making us one of the most well-compensated, skilled and safety-conscious workforces in the finishing industries.

Join Us

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