Trade Show Worker

As a trade show worker, you’ll set up and dismantle exhibits and modular systems for trade shows and conventions.

Trade Show Workers Exhibit Greatness

Trade shows are big, bold exhibits that showcase companies and their products. As a trade show worker, you’ll travel to exciting cities to transform conference centers, hotel spaces, and other facilities into full shows in a relatively short span of time. Trade shows IUPAT members work on include SXSW and Comic-Con.

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Trade Show Worker Apprenticeship

Embark on an apprenticeship journey where you’ll master the art of handling freight, rigging equipment, and setting up intricate exhibits and modular systems. IUPAT’s comprehensive training equips you with the necessary tools of the trade to become an expert in rigging; hanging signs; and managing carpet, pipes, and drapes. Physical strength may be required to lift and maneuver heavy objects. Prepare to excel in this dynamic industry.

Hybrid Learning Approach

Hybrid Learning Apprenticeship: Classroom and on-the-job learning.  Minimum 144 hours of classroom and mandated on-the-job hours per year.

Classroom Learning

Curriculum: Union introduction, finishing trades, leadership, and professional development. Minimum 144 hours of classroom instruction.

On-the-Job Learning

Apprentice Curriculum: Union introduction, finishing trades, safety, leadership/professional development.

Assessment: hands-on/written tests, job performance.

Web-based learning

Access all training material instantly through the secure web-based Learning Management System (LMS). Administer, document, track, and report on training programs, events, e-learning, and content.


While a typical apprenticeship lasts up to four years, enough experience in your craft can make this process much shorter.

Pay and Benefits

Pay and Benefits

Great Pay

Advance your career with training and immediate pay/benefits. Earn While You Learn. Start building your desired life without school debt.

The average pay for an IUPAT trade show worker is 12 percent above the national average.

Great Benefits

  • Health Insurance
  • Pension
  • Training & Skill Development
  • Retirement Saving Opportunities

Training for a Lifetime

IUPAT members have access to continuous training to stay current in their craft. Stay ahead of the curve, advance throughout your career, and remain in high demand.

Join the Union

Join the Union

Explore some of the careers we offer by clicking the link below. Alternatively, reach out to your local IUPAT District Council to learn more.

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