IUPAT Finishing Trades

Highly skilled craftspeople in the Finishing Trades create magnificent flooring, dazzling glass high-rises, stunning corrosion-resistant bridge coatings, and more.

Finishing Trades

  • Commercial Painter

    Commercial Painter

    As a painter, you’ll make surfaces come alive with beautiful finishes.

  • Drywall Finisher

    Drywall Finisher

    As a drywall finisher, you’ll expertly prepare unfinished drywall panels.

  • Floor Coverer

    Floor Coverer

    As a floor covererer, you’ll install high-quality floors in different finishes.

  • Glazier


    As a glazier, you’ll select, cut and install all types of glass.

  • Industrial Painter

    Industrial Painter

    As an industrial painter, you will apply coatings to protect vital structures.

  • Sign & Display Worker

    Sign & Display Worker

    As a sign and display worker, you’ll create projects from window lettering to neon.

  • Trade Show Worker

    Trade Show Worker

    As a trade show worker, you’ll set up and dismantle exhibits.

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