Directors & Instructors

This section contains resources for instructors and Directors of Training.  Private documents and forms are found in the FTI LMS by clicking the *FTI Documents course under My Account > then Course Materials. Some documents found in this folder include:

  • FINAL ATTENDEE SSPC Course Exam Roster
  • FTI Training Request Form
  • LMS Learner’s Manual
  • OVERTON Materials Request
  • Programs of Study
  • Recruitment Guidance Manual
  • SAMPLE CAS Exam Schedule
  • SSPC CAS Application
  • SSPC Course Exam Roster Sample
  • SSPC Course Exam Roster

If you are an FTI LMS Admin, additional resources are found in the *LMS Admin course. Sign on to your LMS account. If you forgot your username and password, email

Additional Resources:

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