Mike Gutierrez

General Vice President (Western Region)

Mike Gutierrez joined District Council 36/Local Union 52 (Bakersfield, California) in 1998. His prior experience as a salt in the painting industry opened many opportunities for him within District Council 36, and he quickly rose through the ranks.  

Mike led organizing campaigns for DC 36 from day one and became a leader within the movement in Southern California. He served on many posts for DC 36 over his 14-year career there. Most notably, he led the IUPAT’s largest organizing staff as its Director.

Mike took a position for the IUPAT in 2012 as Western Region Organizing

Coordinator, where his duties included overseeing and advising on all

organizing campaigns in the IUPAT’s fastest-growing region.

In 2015, Mike became General President’s Representative for the Western Region, where he worked alongside the Western Region BM/STs and Servicing Directors to build relationships and structure in the western jurisdiction of the IUPAT.

In 2020, Mike was appointed to serve as General Vice President at Large and as a member of the General Executive Board. 

He became General Vice President of the Western Region effective January 1, 2022.

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