The IUPAT Stands Determined to Reignite the Labor Movement!


On Wednesday, April 6th the IUPAT marched in Solidarity with thousands of Labor, Community and Civil Rights Activists to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King was shot and killed after marching with the sanitation workers of AFSCME in the iconic I Am a Man protest in Memphis Tennessee. The week was powerful and impactful for all who attended and made clear that when we win we win together!

We must eliminate the words I, Me and mine from our vocabulary. Those words divide us as a movement. We must own the words us, we and ours. There are people and organizations out there working to destroy our movement and we must stick together if we are to defend this labor movement of ours!

Together, every one of us is bigger than that. The challenge before us is bigger than that. Let’s focus on connecting the events of 50 years ago to today’s fight for economic justice and today’s attacks on the freedom of working people.” -IUPAT General President, Ken Rigmaiden.

Thank you to all who marched and showed support as we reignite this Labor Movement and carry on the dream of Dr. King!