Building a Better America

Reps. Donald Norcross (D-NJ) and David McKinley (R-WV) penned this important opinion editorial for The Hill about the infrastructure and the need to partner with the Building Trades.  It’s a must read and a must share—-

As we look around our country every day, we see symbols of what makes us great. Towering skyscrapers, highways, bridges, power plants and monuments stand as proud and silent witnesses to the resolve of American workers.

They literally built the United States from the ground up.

As members of Congress representing different parties, we’re building something, too: a new and unique alliance to support the Congressional Building Trades Caucus, a bipartisan collaboration in the House that will advance the agenda of all hardworking Americans.

The 6.6 million Americans across our nation who work in construction need strong partners who are working on their behalf. In Congress, as we follow this new and united blueprint for the future, we’re also tearing something down: the traditional labels associated with labor and business. Neither should be claimed as a value solely of the Republican or Democratic parties. These are core American issues. We know that.

So now that we have our own foundation, we can build.

Read the full article HERE.